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all the way from the London street food scene

Kane and Jessica Harrison are a brother and sister from Mt Eliza, an hour south of Melbourne, Australia. They are both keen foodies and have always loved the atmosphere of markets, the multiculturalism and of course the unique array of cuisines. Opening a market stall was something they had dreamed about and decided to make it a reality when they both moved to London. After travelling for several months they settled in the UK and opened their first market stall at Camden Lock Market in January 2013

Pillows of heaven

Traditional Dutch pancakes

Traditionally the Dutch eat these mini pancakes with butter and sugar. Stacked takes traditional to modern by offering a wide selection of toppings to accompany the mini pancakes. Whether it's warm, melted Nutella, Milk, White or Dark Belgian Chocolate, Maple Syrup, fresh strawberries or bananas, a selection of crushed nuts or the English favourite of Lemon & Sugar we have an option for everyone.

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